Automatic tracking of your business miles.

Get rid of the manual administration with a professional automatic mileage logbook.

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How it Works

Autolog plugs into the ODB port under the dashboard. The transmission light starts flashing and Autolog starts recording your mileage. It’s that simple.

After driving the automatic mileage logbook will generate your trips. The auto-classification algorithm will set your Business or private so you only have to confirm that all is according to your expectation.

You can install Autolog in a couple of seconds. Just plug it into the ODB port under the dashboard.

Autolog will record your miles wherever you go. Now you can use Autolog’s app to submit mileage claims

No need to worry about remembering all your trips. Autolog does it all for you – automagically!

Your Autolog of course come with a free driver’s log app. You download it from your Play Store (ECOFLEET mobile). Through the App, you can review and edit your trips whenever and wherever it suits you.

App name in your store – ECOFLEET Mobile

The Autolog App is a great additional tool, to the Autolog GPS logging hardware. In contrast to the many logbook Apps on the market, using the Phones GPS for the logging purpose. The Autolog system make use of the best of both worlds. A dedicated hardware device to guarantee all your trips are logged and App for giving you the convenient of editing your trip whenever and where you want. A system that takes mileage tracking serious and acknowledges that the phone is great for some things and no so great for other things.

People forget to turn on your phone or it runs out of power. Our experience says that you are far more secure with a system like Autolog with both automatic mileage logbook App and hardware.

With an Autolog in the car you are assured that you always get all your trips automatically logged. And with Autolog app you can deal with the mileage reports on the road or on the couch, as it suits you.


thumb_03_60_60Peter Lassen

Very satisfied


“Have used Ecofleet Autolog to do mileage logging and now I’ve got GPS in all company cars, looking forward to seeing how fleet management works”



thumb_03_60_60Anne Samson

Easy to get started!


«The system worked fine. Intuitive, easy to use.»


thumb_03_60_60John Zielon


“After numerous attempts with other mileagelog systems, various mobile apps, then I came across ECOFLEET. It’s cheap and it counts my miles automatically. I am simply thrilled and ECOFLEET gets my warmest recommendations»


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